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Direct Primary Care and Family Medicine

Direct Primary Care and Family Medicine

Using a membership model, rather than insurance, Direct Primary Care allows patients real, personal access to their doctor.  Dr. Allen can serve a patient and their entire family from birth to death.


Membership Costs and Benefits

A personal relationship between your direct primary care physician and your family can change your life - and even save you money by reducing your monthly insurance premium to cover only catastrophic needs. 


A Personal Approach

I limit the number of patients who may join the practice to 600 or less. This ensures that I have time to take care of your individual needs. I want to know my patients in the Hermann and surrounding areas so that I may give better care. Office visits are longer, 30 minutes to an hour is the norm.  When appropriate I am also able to call on patients as a primary care physician who need home visits or visits to an assisted living/nursing home facility.

I am also available by phone, text, email or video - even after hours.

Meet Your Personal Healthcare Team

Dr. Jennifer Allen


Founder and Proud Country Doctor & Primary Care Physician

Amie Coleman



Bekah Graue


 Licensed Practical Nurse

Paulina Broeder


Licensed Practical Nurse

Laura Mascia


Administrative Assistant

Proud Member of the Following Organization


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