Direct primary care (DPC) is simply a payment model where patients pay the physicians directly. By removing insurance billing, we eliminate a layer of expense from your healthcare costs. This approach allows your doctor to care for you without interference. As a result, the DPC healthcare model focuses on the relationship between the patient and the physician.

Family Medicine

We offer a wide range of wholesale medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, mental health, and more. Contact us if you’d like us to price your medicines for you.

Medical Aesthetics

While there are risks with any procedure, botulinum toxin A and filler procedures are safe when performed by licensed medical professionals. At New Freedom Family Medicine, we've partnered with The Well Infusion Lounge to bring you Allergan’s (now AbbVie) brand Botox. Products are injected by licensed professionals who have gone through extensive training.


No. We determine if patients qualify for a medical marijuana card that can be used at dispensaries.


The American Journal of Managed Care published research that found patients spend an average of 121 minutes with each traditional primary care doctor visit. This time includes 37 minutes of travel time, 87 minutes at the clinic, and 8-12 minutes face to face with their doctor.

In a DPC practice, doctors have a smaller patient pool, which means they can spend as much time as necessary with each patient. At New Freedom Family Medicine, our office visits range from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Also, because we don’t bill insurance and rely on affordable monthly payments, our costs for medical care are lower, and your employees won’t have bills for co-pays or deductibles. We also publish our price list for services that carry an additional cost.