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Founded by Dr. Jennifer Allen in 2017, New Freedom Family Medicine is a direct primary care practice that takes care of patients of all ages. Our team works together to provide you with the highest-quality, personalized care and procedures. We do this through affordable membership fees and transparent pricing that eliminate the stress and worry about unexpected billing.

We also offer medical aesthetic services to help you look and feel your best.


Interested in Direct Primary Care?

At New Freedom Family Medicine we care for patients of all ages.

Who We Are

At New Freedom Family Medicine, we are a family-based practice. Our team, led by Dr. Allen, includes assistant physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses. To provide the best care, we have a collaborative team approach and may ask that you see an assistant physician or nurse practitioner first. For patients who want to see Dr. Allen first, simply let us know, and we will flag your chart. With a direct primary care model, you won’t feel like you’re being rushed in and out of a doctor’s appointment. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re being heard, understood, and cared for.

At our practice, we are here to answer any questions you have about your health. Even it’s a small concern, we are here to provide information. Knowing that you can see or talk to a member of our healthcare team offers great peace of mind and can be a huge stress reliever.

What We Do

Direct primary care (DPC) is an alternative healthcare model that separates primary care from traditional insurance. Without the traditional fee-for-service insurance billing, we can deliver better care more affordably.

Traditionally, this is how physicians practiced medicine before insurance companies began to play a huge role in our healthcare system. And primary care isn’t expensive when you remove the insurance middleman.


When you choose DPC, you pay a monthly membership fee to be a part of our practice based on your age. Then you can plan your care with a range of services that are included in your membership. Tests like EKGs, urinalysis, and pregnancy test are covered. Annual physicals, well-woman visits, counseling about chronic illness? Covered too. We also offer procedures like joint injections and sutures. We even cover skin lesion removal, although there may be an additional charge if a sample is sent to the lab or pathology. We always discuss any added costs before ordering any tests or treatments.

Because some services are not covered by primary care, we suggest investing in coverage for emergencies.  And our program pairs nicely with any traditional insurance or cost-sharing insurance options. Also, we work with members to make sure we use their benefits effectively.

DPC offers some great advantages:

  • High-quality, personalized care
  • Extended, relaxed visits (30 minutes to 1 hour is the norm)
  • Transparent pricing
  • Same day or next day scheduling
  • Telehealth
  • Coordination of care if you need to see a specialist
  • Home and assisted living/nursing home visits
  • Answered emails and phone calls
  • Regular office hours
  • No insurance fees and more!

All these advantages can lead to better health outcomes and fewer urgent care and emergency room visits.

Meet Your Team


I am Jennifer Allen, MD, founder of New Freedom Family Medicine, LLC. I am proud of my direct primary care practice, and I hope you will consider joining as a member. I graduated from Oceania University of Medicine in 2012 and completed my residency training at Mercy Hospital St. Louis in 2015 before becoming board-certified in Family Medicine.

Before becoming a physician, I was a nurse and family nurse practitioner for 15 years. I believe that my nursing experience and medical education make me a better physician. I love caring for people of all ages – my favorite day is when I have a newborn in one room and a 100-year-old patient in the next. My passion is learning about you as a person so that I can help you stay healthy and enjoy a fulfilling life. My relationships with patients make a difference when they genuinely need a doctor or an advocate. It is my honor and privilege to be trusted by you to provide care, advice, education, and comfort when you need it.

In my personal life, I am a wife, a mother, and a grandmother! My husband has been a pediatrician for more than 40 years. We are both dedicated to our patients, and we are lucky to have each other as a sounding board to discuss our most challenging cases. Our daughter, Bryn, has boundless energy. She is busy exposing us to new activities all the time. I love that she can come to the office when needed. Our youngest son, Christopher, has recently earned his associate degree, married, and joined the Army. We are excited to have his wife, Macey, join our family and look forward to seeing where their path leads them. Our middle son, Grant, is a University of Kentucky Wildcat. He plays rugby year-round – this is truly a sport that requires amazing commitment. His commitment has led him to join the Marines, and he accepted his Officer Commission in May 2020. I am so proud of his hard work and dedication. In 2018, our oldest son, Andrew, married Tiffani, and we were blessed with a beautiful granddaughter, Ainsley. Andrew and Tiffani are both working hard on their careers, and it has been a treat watching this next generation of parents wade into the water.

My family is the main reason I wanted to change from traditional insurance-based reimbursement to a Direct Primary Care Practice. I want to be the best doctor and best wife and mom I can be. That lofty goal requires flexibility and portability. Your family might need a doctor at odd times—possibly for just a quick question or maybe for something more urgent like stitches at 7:30 pm—you shouldn’t have to wait three days for a callback. With New Freedom Family Medicine, you can text and get an answer in under an hour (maybe within 5 minutes).

Whether you are healthy or have complicated medical problems, my practice is for you. The monthly membership is affordable and includes many services that insurance-based practices must charge for, which can save money for your family. Please check out the details on our membership page or stop in the office and ask questions. We will be happy to see you.

Founder, Primary Care Physician


Donna started her healthcare career as a registered nurse and was a family nurse practitioner for 40 years, where she focused on OBGYN, pediatrics, and public health. She returned to school and earned her medical degree. At New Freedom Family Medicine, Donna works alongside Dr. Allen as an assistant physician. Outside of the office, Donna enjoys her five children and eight grandchildren. She also raises animals and grows fruits, vegetables, and flowers (especially roses). Also, she loves to watercolor and play music, and sing.

Assistant Physician


Dr. Jess has been a nurse for over 17 years, spending her last seven years in a busy level 3 trauma emergency room. It was there that she decided to go back to school at the University of Missouri-St. Louis to earn her doctorate as a family nurse practitioner. It was with New Freedom Family Medicine that she become passionate about direct primary care, and now she can’t imagine providing healthcare any other way! She is very excited to be studying Functional Medicine alongside Dr. Allen in 2022.

Dr. Jess has been married to her wonderful husband Joe for 17 years and is a mom to two children. She enjoys watching her son Connor in his high school choir and theater productions and her daughter Marley at cheerleading competitions. And mostly, she enjoys camping with her family.

Doctor of Nursing Practice


In 2007, Paulina moved from her home city of San Diego, California, and settled in Washington, Missouri. After working as an elementary school teacher, she transitioned to nursing in 2013. She has been working with Dr. Allen as an LPN at New Freedom Family Medicine since the practice opened in 2017. Direct Primary Care practice is where it's at, according to Paulina. Patient care is the top priority, and members become family. "It's medicine as it should be," with patients having direct, personal access to their doctors. DPC allows physicians to treat people where they are at without constraints of insurance restrictions or corporate outcomes.

Paulina is married with five grown sons of whom she is very proud. She and her husband, Dave, have a beloved dog, Buffy, and cat, Chester. Her favorite activities include hiking, yoga, knitting, reading, and painting.

Licensed Practical Nurse


Graduating in 2005 from the Washington School of Practical Nursing, Amanda has worked in many healthcare settings since the age of 17. Besides jobs as a mobile phlebotomist for a laboratory and pharmacy technician, she’s also served as a nurse in hospital and nursing home settings. Amanda says, “I owe a lot of credit to my instructors at the Washington School of Practical Nursing, my past supervisors and co-workers, and everyone who took me under their wing and shared their knowledge and experience.”

Her favorite thing about working for NFFM is that she learns something new every day. Working under Dr. Allen’s guidance is inspiring because she is always willing to teach and has a lot of patience. The office is never dull, and there is always something new and engaging to challenge our brains. Amanda says that she also loves that she has the opportunity to care for the tiniest of babies up to our most precious elderly. “We care for both the sick and healthy and entire families and single parents. Dr. Allen’s practice includes everyone, and to me, that is so important.”

Also, Amanda says it is an honor to have the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Allen and be a part of the Direct Primary Care module of care. “I have witnessed what DPC can do for so many people, including myself and my family, and that is why I am proud to be a nurse serving my community at NFFM.”

When Amanda isn’t working, she’s usually with her husband and kiddos playing in a creek somewhere. Enjoying the outdoors, Amanda loves to fish, hunt for rocks, and hike. Also, she likes to sew, quilt, play with flowers, paint, and read.

Licensed Practical Nurse


In December 2017, Laura began working for NFFM as Dr. Allen’s Administrative Assistant. Today, she has transitioned to the phone operator for all of the practice’s branches. Laura loves caring for others and working for New Freedom Family Medicine. Also, she’s a patient of Dr. Allen, and one of her favorite aspects of seeing Dr. Allen is how much she cares and listens to her. Laura says, “I like that Dr. Allen meets you where you are and helps you get to where you want to go if possible. I love and trust her with my life. I am a Christian and believe God has conditioned me to be where I am now.”

Laura grew up in Union, Missouri, and graduated from Washington High School in 1993. She worked for 15 years at Union Walmart and was a fundraiser for The United Way and Children’s Miracle Network. After being out of school for 22 years, Laura attended East Central College, taking a few courses to freshen her skills.

In 2008, Laura met and married her husband Paul, her best friend. They are the proud parents of one fur baby, Iris, who is a joy in their lives.

Member Services, Receptionist


Darla Woolford is a lifetime resident of Franklin County and has lived in Washington, Missouri, for 42 years. She recently joined the New Freedom Family Medicine team after retiring from her flight attendant career. Darla loves the direct primary care approach to medicine that provides patients with 24/7 access to their healthcare team. Also, she appreciates that there are no copays or co-insurance costs for office visits and virtual visits are available if a patient can’t make it into the office.

Darla says that it is warm and inviting when you walk into New Freedom Family Medicine just like home. As a result, patients get a sense of comfort and family. Darla works behind the scenes in an administrative capacity so that Dr. Allen and the rest of the healthcare team can do what they do best: Care for patients.

Practice Manager


As an Office Manager, Amie’s primary duties include answering the phones, setting appointments, registering new patients, and letting the nurses know when patients arrive. She also has several “behind the scenes” duties as well like delivering medication, taking patients to “special” doctor appointments, checking on patients, and running all kinds of errands for Dr. Allen … all while trying to keep her on track (which can be a full-time job at times!). Amie says, “this is the best job I’ve ever had!”

When she’s not at work, Amie is usually helping on her family’s cattle ranch in Rhineland or taking her youngest daughter to her next 4-H meeting or whatever adventure she comes up with. In the summer, Amie’s weekends are spent either at the local fair or the lake or enjoying the water and sunshine!

Amie says that she never pictured herself as a “farm girl” but wouldn’t trade her life for the world. “I love walking out my door and seeing the baby animals playing in the field. My oldest daughter is getting ready for her senior year of high school then wants to go to Mizzou for Vet School. I know she will be an amazing vet because she has such a soft heart for animals.”

Member Services


Member Services, Receptionist


Registered Nurse

kim-the well co-founder_web

Registered Nurse

What Our Patients Say

I have known Dr. Allen since I was a child. She’s one of the most caring humans I know. She is intelligent and easy to talk with. Her office and team are like no other.

Anna A.

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