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More than one-third of Americans – that’s over 100 million people – take a vitamin or nutritional supplement every day. Whether in liquid form, powder, or pill, herbal and dietary supplements aim to give you the nutrients you are missing and enhance overall health.

We proudly announce that New Freedom Family Medicine is a WholeScripts practitioner. Through WholeScripts, we provide supplements with the highest quality ingredients. And on their website, you can access the nutritional supplements we typically recommend to patients.

However, before jumping into a supplement regimen, we suggest making an appointment to discuss your options. Our practitioners will review your current medication list, allergies, and more. Also, we will discuss your health goals. Then, we will make recommendations specific to your situation so you get the most from a supplement’s effectiveness.

New Freedom Family Medicine helps patients find the right nutritional supplements.

Start Your Journey to Better Health

Make Sure Your Body Gets the Right Nutrients

Your body depends on the proper supply of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for good health. However, getting all the essential nutrition we need from food alone can be challenging. When used responsibly, nutritional supplements can provide adequate amounts of essential nutrients.

If you are considering taking supplements on your journey for better health, you aren’t alone. Many people take nutritional supplements to fill in nutritional gaps in their diets. Others take supplements to achieve specific wellness goals or to help prevent disease. Whatever your reason, one of supplements’ primary benefits is that they allow people access to the proper nutrients in the right amounts. Nutritional supplements can help with the following:

  • Make it easier to manage weight
  • Improve cognitive abilities
  • Healing after a workout or grueling game
  • Support bone and heart health
  • Prevent cell damage and help keep nerve and blood cells healthy
  • Slow down vision loss
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve sleep
  • Promote skin health
New Freedom Family Medicine helps patients find the right nutritional supplements.

Start Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Supplements

New Freedom Family Medicine helps patients find the right nutritional supplements.

Start Your Healthy Aging Journey

While aging is a process that happens whether we want it or not, you can supplement to help live a healthier life – whatever life stage you are at. At New Freedom Family Medicine, we will help prescribe the right supplement regime for you.

Also, once you begin taking nutritional supplements, you can order directly from the WholeScripts platform. They have built a system with mobile users in mind so you can easily keep the supplements you need in stock. It features the following perks:

  • Text reminders for re-ordering
  • Autoship for 30, 60, or 90 days
  • Free shipping on orders of $49 or more

Purchasing Supplements Is Easy

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