Jennifer Allen, MD

Position: Founder

I am Jennifer Allen, MD, founder of New Freedom Family Medicine, LLC. I am proud of my direct primary care practice and I hope that you will consider joining as a member. I am board-certified in Family Medicine. I graduated from Oceania University of Medicine in 2012 and completed my residency training at Mercy Hospital St. Louis in 2015. Prior to becoming a physician, I was a nurse and family nurse practitioner for 15 years. I believe that my nursing experience and my medical education make me a better physician. I love caring for people of all ages—my favorite day is one when I have a newborn in one room and a 100 year old in the next. My passion is learning about you as a person so that I can help you stay healthy and enjoy a fulfilling life. The relationships we form make a difference when you genuinely need a doctor or an advocate. It is my honor and privilege to be trusted by you to provide care, advice, education and comfort when you need it.

In my personal life, I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother! My husband has been a pediatrician for more than 40 years. We are both dedicated to our patients and we are lucky to have each other as a sounding board to discuss our most challenging cases.

Our daughter, Bryn, has boundless energy. She is busy exposing us to new activities all the time. I love that she can come to the office when needed.

My youngest son, Christopher, has recently completed his Associate’s Degree, married and joined the Army! We are excited to have his wife, Macey, join our family and look forward to seeing where this path leads them.

My middle son Grant is a University of Kentucky Wildcat! He plays rugby year round—this is truly a great sport requiring amazing commitment. His commitment has led him to join the Marines—he will be accepting his Officer Commission in May, 2020. I am so proud of his hard work and dedication.

My oldest son, Andrew, married Tiffani in 2018 and blessed us with our beautiful granddaughter, Ainsley. They are both working hard on their careers. It has been a treat watching this next generation of parents wade into the water. Hopefully, they’ll remember we are here when they need us!

Those fantastic people are the central reason I wanted to make this change from traditional insurance-based reimbursement to Direct Primary Care Practice. I want to be the best doctor AND best wife and mom I can be. That lofty goal requires flexibility and portability. Your family might need a doctor at odd times—possibly just a quick question, or maybe you need stitches at 7:30 pm—you shouldn’t have to wait three days for a callback. With New Freedom Family Medicine, you can send a text and get an answer in under an hour (maybe in 5 mins).

Whether you are healthy or have complicated medical problems, my practice is for you. The monthly membership is affordable and includes many services that insurance-based practices must charge for, which can save money for your family. Please check out the details on the website or stop in the office and ask questions. We will be happy to see you.