Meet Your Direct Primary Care Team


Dr. Jennifer Allen

I am Jennifer Allen, MD, founder of New Freedom Family Medicine, LLC. I am proud to be a country doctor and hope that you will consider joining my direct care practice.  I am board certified in Family Medicine. I graduated from Oceania University of Medicine in 2012 and completed my residency training at Mercy Hospital St. Louis in 2015. Prior to becoming a physician, I was a nurse and Family nurse practitioner for 15 years. The road for me has been long and winding, but I believe that my nursing experience and my medical education makes me a better physician and I cherish all of the experiences along the way. Family medicine is the greatest medical specialty. I love caring for people of all ages- my favorite day is one when I have a newborn in one room and a 100 year old in the next. My passion is learning about you as a person so that I can help you stay healthy and enjoy a fulfilling life. The relationships we form make the difference when you truly need a doctor. It is my honor and privilege to be trusted by you to provide care, advice, education and comfort when you need it. 

I am also a wife, a mother and a grandmother! My husband has been a pediatrician for more than 40 years. He is as dedicated to his patients as I am to mine. We love sharing our hard cases with each other- saving the best ones for the dinner table! Beware if you ever drop in for dinner- the conversation is not for the faint of heart!  

Our daughter, Bryn has boundless energy. She is busy exposing us to gymnastics and horsemanship- 2 things I'd never have dabbled in if it weren't for her.  

My son, Andrew, and his wife, Tiffani married in 2018 and blessed us with our beautiful granddaughter, Ainsley. They are both working hard on their careers. It has been a treat watching this next generation of parents wade into the water. Hopefully they'll remember we are here when they need us! 

My son Grant is a University of Kentucky Wildcat! He plays rugby year round- this is truly a great sport requiring amazing commitment. I am incredibly proud of his hard work and dedication on the pitch- let's see if it translates to the classroom next. 

My youngest son, Christopher, is 19 and working hard on his degree in reptile science in Utah.  He is a gifted athlete and runs so fast. He is very interested in the outdoors and talks about a career in conservation law enforcement. I am excited to see where the next few years lead him.

Those amazing people are part of the reason I wanted to make this change from traditional insurance based reimbursement to Direct Primary care practice. I want to be able to be the best doctor and best wife and mom I can be. That lofty goal requires flexibility and portability. Just like your family might need a doctor at odd times- maybe just a quick question or maybe you need stitches at 7:30 pm- either way you shouldn't have to wait 3 days for a call back when you can send a text and get an answer in under an hour (maybe in 5 mins), nor should you have to pay a $250.00 co-payment and wait 3 hours to see an ER doctor who isn't the one who is going to follow up on that wound later anyway. 

Direct care means doctor-patient; me-you. Giving us both more time with our families, enjoying what we love most. 

Whether you are healthy or have complicated medical problems my practice is for you. The monthly membership is affordable and includes many services that insurance-based practices must charge for which can save money for your family.  Please check out the details on the website or stop in the office and ask questions. We will be happy to see you. ​


Amie Coleman

Hi everyone! I’m Amie Coleman and I am Dr. Allen’s office manager here at New Freedom Family Medicine. 

My main duties include answering the phones, setting appointments, registering new patients, and letting the nurses know when patients arrive for their appointments. I also have several “behind the scenes” duties as well. I have been known to deliver patients medicine when needed, take

patients to “specialty” doctor appointments, go check on patients for Dr. Allen when needed and run all kinds of errands for Dr. Allen….all while trying to keep her on track (which can be a full-time job at times). 

I can honestly say this is the best job I have ever had!

When I’m not at work, I can be found helping on my family’s cattle ranch in Rhineland or taking my youngest daughter to her next 4-H meeting, or whatever adventure she comes up with. I never pictured myself as a “farm girl”, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I love being able to walk out my door and see the babies playing out in the field. 

My oldest daughter is getting ready for her Senior year of high school then wants to go to Mizzou for Vet School. I know she will be an amazing vet; she has such a soft heart for animals. 

In the summer, our weekends are either at the local fair or at the lake enjoying the water and sunshine!


Bekah Graue

I’m Bekah Graue and I am I Licensed  Practical Nurse at NFFM. I received my Nursing License from Washington school of Practical Nursing in 2016 and I’ve happily worked along side Dr. Jennifer Allen since the beginning of my career. 

It has been such an honor and such an incredible learning experience being a part of her vision for her practice. I believe in Direct Primary Care and its ability to cultivate personal doctor/patient relationships and provide affordable and accessible health care for everyone. My only hope is that we can share our knowledge with more people as the practice grows and educate even more individuals on how this module of care can help others. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for NFFM and I’m honored to be a part of it— I know it will be great. 

I am also a wife to an extremely hard working husband and together, we are the parents of three young kiddos who are always making us laugh and keeping us on our toes. When I’m not in the office, you can find me at the nearest coffee shop, exploring with my family, working on some project at home, and also— working as a couples and wedding photographer. It keeps me busy and my heart full. 


Laura Mascia


Hello my name is Laura Mascia, (pronounced Mash-a) 

I am the Administrative Assistant/Compliance Officer for New Freedom Family Medicine. My position consists of bookkeeping, documentation, compliance rules, and maintenance of general records for the business side of the practice. I also help Dr. Allen with outside of office hour appointments, The Dogwood Inn guests, and anything associated with that business. 

You might say I’m a jack of all trades…lol.

I grew up in Union MO, graduated from Washington High in 1993. I worked for fifteen years at Union Walmart, mainly in receiving. I was a fundraiser for United Way and Children’s Miracle Network during that time. After being out of school for 22 years, I attended East Central College taking a few courses to freshen up my skills. I met and married my husband Paul in 2008. He works for the Schwan Company which is how I landed in Hermann MO. 

Dr. Allen is my physician, has been for many years, I love and trust her with my life. 


Paulina Broeder

Paulina Broeder grew up in San Diego, California and moved to Washington, Missouri in 2007.  She obtained her degree as an LPN from Washington School of Practical Nursing.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in History and English and holds an Elementary teaching license.  She has spent the last five years working as a nurse and has over 10 years experience as a classroom teacher.  

Paulina is married and is a mother/stepmother to five young men. She loves working with Dr Allen and her staff at NFFM and is committed to the Direct Primary Care goal to make health available to all.  Paulina also teaches at Work Force with East Central College teaching future nurse assistants.  When not working, she enjoys time with family, long walks with husband Dave and her dog, Buffy, boating painting, and yoga.