Employee Benefits

 Building your benefits package with direct primary care and a wrap around insurance plan will often save money over traditional employer sponsored health plans. 

If you’re business does not currently offer benefits- by offering the DPC membership to your employees, you offer basic peace of mind. It’s a great recruitment and retention benefit. 

We offer urgent visits- have a minor injury, burn, cut that might need stitches, sprain- call us first to potentially avoid a more costly urgent care visit. 

(Obvious emergencies should always go to the ER). 

We offer urine drug screens for pre-employment screens, physicals and more. 

Dr. Allen will be DOT certified this year. Watch for that important update!

Employer Membership Discounts

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Get 10% off when you pay the membership fee for 10 or more employees! Fill out the form at the left or call the number below for more information.

With 20 or more employees we offer quarterly site visits for the convenience of your team!

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